Friday, April 20, 2007

Histio Net

Things are getting more interesting with the Histio Net project: I now have some volunteers to help with the translation of stuff and consequently the portal now has a number of communities including parent/patient communities for English, French, Italian and Spanish languages. Once you get the basic idea of how Liferay handles communities it's quite simple although trying to keep things consistent in multiple languages whilst setting them up is a bit like 3d chess. All the parent/patient communities are "Open" i.e. anyone who's a member can join them to see document libraries, message boards, Wikis and directories associated with each community. My next trick is to create another community for the DG Sanco team that I control to keep some things out of the public domain.

I did find one interesting new thing about the Message boards, you can subscribe to them and receive email updates when a new item is added - the emails are sent from Joe Bloggs though, so I now have find out how to change that...

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