Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MS HealthVault

Just discovered the stuff the Microsoft are working on called healthvault. This appears to be a site and toolkit and a developer community and a whole bunch of other stuff around the idea of putting personal health data on the internet. They seem to be encouraging, in a kind of open-source-ish way, a whole new ecosystem. I expect this is some kind of response to google health and all the other things and ultimately aimed at generating money from advertising (tut, tut!) I think this is, like Google Health, a potentially good development as it is one more system that might encourage people to think it's a good idea to put health data on the internet. One guy in the blogosphere, Jon Udell (here), has done more research on healthvault than I can be bothered to do so have look at that link for more info on it. Incidentally, you can't get into it from outside the USA so that rules me out anyway!

PS - still doing more thinking than doing but all is not forgotten. :)

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