Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Plus Ca Change

Well its more than 12 months since the last posting here which sort of illustrates the glacial pace of events. Essentially not a great deal has happened but despite that it has been necessary for me to tidy up the garage like an expectant father decorating a bedroom, only the new baby is a new server and it will be here in a couple of weeks. Just after BT and get the connections and fixed IP addresses sorted out. Some business stuff and re-organisation has happened too, now after a convoluted process its just me and Steve and a brand new bank account. Apparently the server makes quite a lot of noise, though it doesn't often need its nappy changing - which is good to know.

We are still administering the server with Rimu for the EuroHistioNet project (see http://www.histio.eu ) as that site is a testing ground for the social network side of the project (we can't afford the full stuff with our CMS provider).

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