Saturday, October 28, 2006

Getting started (again!)

I did some development last May, and some thereafter in maybe August/Sep when I managed to get eclipse and MyEclipseIDE talking to MySQL via JDBC and indeed, Tomcat 5. Of course I'd forgotten all that so tonight I started again and this time documented it properly in both the "MediBlog Management System" (MS Access!) and using FastHelp. So after er... 5 hours... I now have all that working again AND I know how I did it! Hurrah!

Only one teensy-weensy snagette: I still seem to have two Tomcats: one for Liferay and one for MyEclipseIDE and they don't seem to be linked. At the moment it's not a major problem as ultimately the two applications will sit on seperate servers but shortly (I hope) I will want to run the Medys Portlet in the MediBlog portal. Hey ho, I'll quit while I'm ahead.

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