Friday, October 27, 2006

...not much change yet

Well, I've been pretty busy the past couple of weeks with SAP TechEd 06 conference, various other day job-related activities, charity-related activities and band-related activities. I also have another beginners guide to Java course next week so not much is likely to happen for a while. However, I've made some progess with the LifeRay Portal which I'll be using for the supporting MediBlog applications. Initially the standard ones and then, increasingly the new ones we write. I'm still a one-man operation although the Medys people have both expressed an interest in doing some more on the project.

Technically: I've added a feedback form to the holding site, just in case someone turns up (no one has) also, have learned more about the portal administration stuff. Other than that, not much change yet.

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James McGovern said...

Liferay is a great portal. Glad to see you adopting open source...