Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back to Life (ray)

I've just spent a few days wrestling with some other SAP technology, namely the SAP eCommerce WebShop which (just to confound the innocent SAP technical consultants out there) is based on Java/JSP & Struts technologies with JCo (SAP Java Connector) links to the ABAP based CRM backend services for master data, catalogs/pricing, etc. One might be forgiven for thinking that BSPs would have been a more SAP-oriented choice but standard web tools allow customers to use standard web programming skills and designs to present their commercial (B2C & B2B) faces to the outside world. Maybe, but we still have to use the NWDS and the NetWeaver Development Infrastructure to migrate changes so its not quite as simple as all that... ah well,

Arrived home to hear that the guys at Liferay have now re-installed the HRTrust portal for me and it all seems to work Ok. So as if 18 hour days on SAP webshops aren't enough I'll be spending some time at the weekend on my Liferay content ... ah well,

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