Monday, January 08, 2007

Small world, getting smaller - and bigger

I just received the 2007 update from Ndiyo - a fascinating organisation creating hardware solutions for poor communities in developing countries to allow them access to the internet. This vision is aligned with open source software, microfinance and even "green" initiatives. The idea is to offer a network platform to internet cafes, schools & small businesses anywhere with a phone network, they can set up 10 or more terminals to each low-spec "server" running Ubunto Linux and connect all of them to the internet via a single mobile phone whilst consuming only 5% of the power of a similar PC based LAN. Initiatives like that could increase the web community massively. Ndiyo are looking for commercial revenue streams, maybe they should be thinking about a web community of their own as they can probably capture the homepages of all their users with some kind of iconoclastic domain name like or something... I'd suggest it to them but they've probably already thought of it, and I should probably just shut up and stop having "bright" ideas.

(..and that reminds me of something I read about the Capricorn Africa Society, started by the same guy who invented the SAS during WWII...)

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