Sunday, January 20, 2008

Biting the bullet?

Now we have a working model of the log-in application, including the JAMES email server for handling the mail transactions with new users, the time seems right to get a working application onto the net. This is curiously parallel to another debate I'm involved in with my fellow Love Commandos (the best, "Rock/metal band in Birmingham with a guy who looks like Jesus playing drums"). We're heading into the recording studio soon to begin work on our first album and although its highly improbable that we'll make money out it (or indeed that anyone who's not related to us will want to even listen to it!), we need to plan for a hypothetical contingency that we will have a hit record our hands. In that respect, for both the album and Medys its easier to sort out who owns it before its worth anything than afterwards. So, after years of avoiding the issue, it seems likely that Medys Limited, created in 2000, will stop being a Dormant Company and start being active. Interesting times ahead!