Thursday, July 24, 2008


..Not much to update yet, things are slowly happening on the corporate side (shareholder changes, new directors, bank account...) so will soon have a hosted server to play on. The WHO centile application is being specified which will be the first thing on the site. We have the latest versions of MyEclipseIDE for the development and will be finding some branding for the MediBlog site. Interesting that MyEclipse now includes some features for Portlets, about time I reckon! It's nice to see that portlet development is being recognised as serious requirement, I'm not sure how useful the specific functionality will be for us but we'll be checking it out.

Finally, Liferay are now on release 5.1 which has some very interesting new features - this does make things a bit tricky as we'll have to choose the initial platform version soon and they keep adding nice new things so fast its always tempting to wait for the next one..!