Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The latest Welcome Screen to

Well the first bits of the first application have been created in proof-of-concept on a development machine. This will allow MediBlog users to create "Clients" and then maintain some data for them. The first scenario available to users will be for Parents and community practitioners to maintain some Child Development metrics and then view them again the WHO standards.

This has required the use of WHO data (thanks!) and some of the clever tools delivered to the users of the latest releases of MyEclipseIDE.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Well we have a bank account, and it has some money in it - to pay for the hosting of our new site at with Rimu hosting. The site is now up & running and anyone is free to create a user ID and have a look around. There really isn't much to see yet but if you can figure out how to join a community (I'd recommend MediBlog Central!) then on the private pages of your community membership you can add a Mail portlet to collect emails from other providers. You will also notice that Chat is available too. We have some investigation to see exactly how that relates but it has been tested and works well.

The next few steps are the real "New" ones, we're putting together the "requirements" of the first Java application so that the "MVC" stuff all hangs together nicely in a discrete portlet. Watch this space!