Monday, November 14, 2011

Going Beta

Well Auditioners.Com is going live this week with some users from a further education college - our target early adopters.

Notice that the theme is different to that we originally envisaged -this is because we had a bunch of red herrings and wild geese running around on our servers and to eliminate suspects we switched to the standard Liferay theme. In the end its clear that our chose theme (Spurt, I think) was not the culprit but we quite like the simplicity of this whitened (see CSS) version of the standard one and kept it. Spurt is also a non-standard one so its one less thing to worry about, and Lord knows we have enough to worry about without that.

After signing up and logging in the users get to see the "Main Stage" and the odd instruction about what the site does and how to use it.

For the record: Google Analytics has been quite brutal in its results such that it's clear that aside from something from Brazil that alighted on the site for 0 seconds and me (in Paris, France) the only people to visit the site are those of us working on it. I'm sure that as the next few weeks go by I should be able to report on a few dozen more users around the midlands!

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