Monday, January 09, 2012

(Why we are) Installing Liferay on Glassfish and MySQL and Ubuntu Server (again)

Well, strangely enough we have to start again on a new server. A brief history of how we got there is as follows:

* All working fine on our own hosted servers in a garage
* Router issues
* Electricians in for unrelated maintenance so lots of annoying reboots and shutdowns
* VPS ordered with cheap provider
* Cheap provider upgraded virtualisation software and fouled up java memory allocation then asked for more money for more memory (Grrrr...).
* Lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth and swearing
* VPS ordered with Rimuhosting
* VPS with Cheap provider cancelled.

...which, to cut that long and tortuous story short is why i'm here again to explain how to install Liferay on Ubuntu/MySQL/Glassfish.

Please note: if you want Liferay on Tomcat and don't have anything other than vanilla Liferay in mind then ask the nice people at Rimuhosting to install it from the bundle when you commission the server - they have a script for that sort of thing and you will save yourself much grief (be sure to ask for the MySQL stuff though as the Derby/HSQL is not for productive systems, etc.)

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